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portrait of a smiling Nathan B. Spindel, PhD in British Columbia, Canada

Nathan B. Spindel, PhD | researcher

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
San Jose State University
  • Marine Ecophysiology

  • Fisheries

  • Global Change Biology

"In the grandeur of nature lies the blueprint of life, and in its details, the poetry of existence." - Paul K. Dayton, PhD

Marine ecosystems face overlapping threats from climate change, overharvesting, pollution, and other stressors. To steward these valuable natural resources, we need ecosystem-based management that integrates complex processes across multiple scales. My research builds upon our understanding of the basic processes by which resource limitation and abiotic drivers impact the physiological ecology of kelp forests and coral reefs. I aim to integrate these basic insights into better process-based models to generate expectations for novel conditions that can guide an ecosystem-based management perspective...

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